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Policy for Proctored Assessments in Online Education

The primary purpose of this document is to acquaint University of Mississippi faculty with their obligations and resources related to proctored assessments in online education. This policy does not apply to online courses offered by the Office of iStudy or the University of Mississippi High School.


Assessments at the university can be accomplished through various means depending on the requirements of the instructor, the academic program, and the university. Proctored assessments are encouraged as a means of student authentication.
Faculty will follow guidelines set forth by the Schools or the College, if such exist, in which their course is offered concerning required proctored assessments.

University of Mississippi Approved Proctors

The University of Mississippi offers the following options for proctoring an assessment. Alternate proctoring methods must be approved by the Office of Online Design & eLearning.

1. UM Campus Proctor

  1. Instructors may administer and monitor assessments in their courses or

  2. They may utilize proctoring services through the Distance Education Testing Lab (DETL) in Oxford, or

  3. They may utilize proctoring services at any regional campus, including Southaven, Tupelo, Booneville and Grenada.

2. Online Proctoring Center

  1. Instructors may select to use any internet-based proctoring service that is approved by the Office of Online Design & eLearning.

  2. All approved internet-based proctoring services will meet the standards for identity and privacy rights outlined in UM's Policy for Student Information and Privacy in Online Education

3. Other Options for Instructors

  1. Instructors have the option of utilizing face-to-face proctors for their course(s) or students(s).

  2. If they select this option then the instructor is responsible for verifying that the proctor (1) is a member of a nationally certified testing association, or (2) that the proctor meets the standards for identity and privacy rights outlined in UM's Policy for Student Information and Privacy in Online Education.

Costs and Notification

Students must be notified at the time of registration or enrollment of any projected costs associated with verification of student identity (e.g., costs associated with online proctoring).

Students are responsible for any costs associated with using a proctoring service.


Instructors and students must adhere to the procedures of the University of Mississippi proctoring centers and the Academic Policies, Standards and Regulations for Academic Conduct and Discipline outlined in the University of Mississippi M-Book.
Students who are non-compliant with these standards will be required to immediately submit the examination and will be dismissed from the proctoring center. The instructor will also be alerted regarding any non-compliance issues.

Students with Special Needs

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, students with bona fide disabilities will be afforded reasonable accommodation in online classes. The Office of Student Disability Services will certify a disability and advise faculty members of reasonable accommodations. See the Office of Student Disabilities for more information.


Non-Proctored Assessments or Deliverables
Examples of non-proctored assessments or deliverables are projects or journals, take-home exams, quizzes, term papers, or discussion boards.

These assessments are administered without a proctor and allow for students to complete assessments at a location of their convenience and within a time frame specified by the instructor.

Proctored Assessments
Proctored assessments are managed by a person or service that administers and monitors assessments. A proctor or proctoring service has the responsibility of verifying the identity of the test taker, ensuring appropriate conditions are met, and monitoring the actual assessments.

Proctored assessments may be administered by the instructor or by approved proctors.

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