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Online Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

You have an idea for a new product or business venture. Perhaps you observed and researched market conditions and listened to customer concerns—or you experienced a flash-of-lightning moment. Act with confidence and chart your steps toward success with the University of Mississippi’s online Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Ole Miss designed this four-course program to uplift new ventures in all stages—from getting startups off the ground to sparking innovation in a corporate setting. Acquire the tools to build a business plan, oversee operations, and market your product or company with a growth mindset.

About the Online Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Innovation drives the University of Mississippi’s School of Business Administration forward—from the mission of individual programs to understanding its role in fostering economic growth within the region. Together with the Ole Miss Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the School of Business Administration:

  • Imparts the importance of growth, evolution, and innovation through strategic opportunity
  • Positions entrepreneurship as a problem-solving tool that introduces solutions to existing market issues or consumer concerns
  • Empowers each student to envision their idea as a fully realized business venture designed to encourage economic growth
  • Highlights where and how innovation thrives—from industry-transforming startups to family businesses uplifting the local economy to sparking change within corporate America
  • Stresses innovation and entrepreneurship through research—from identifying challenges to understanding a customer or client base
  • Supports new businesses locally and beyond to grow generational wealth and connect emerging enterprises with resources to reach the next stage

Through this lens, the online Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship helps you accomplish what you set out to do. Observe and understand the full entrepreneurial process to not only conceive an idea but launch a business within a nine-month timeframe and plot your next move. Suited for those without a business background, the certificate:

  • Connects creativity with innovation, problem-solving, and research
  • Covers all elements of managing an organization and fostering innovation at design to systems levels to achieve specific goals
  • Explores branding and success in a digital economy, including business models, marketing, and product development
  • Reviews the workings of business plan development
  • Emphasizes leadership and management in driving and shaping innovation

Nurture Your Success Through the Ole Miss Online Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Change the trajectory of your career with this certificate. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the online Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship, reach out to Rich Gentry at rjgentry@olemiss.edu.