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Online Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Policing and Reform

Redefine what it means to protect and serve. As communities evaluate their ongoing relationship with police and law enforcement agencies, the University of Mississippi’s online Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Policing and Reform prepares you to assess training programs and existing measures, influence policy, and address existing criminal justice approaches through research.

Ideal for current and aspiring law enforcement and related professionals, this 12-credit-hour accelerated online program delivers the tools for strengthening community relations, analyzing crime-prevention strategies, and effectively implementing monitoring technologies.


The online Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Policing and Reform consists of four classes using an accelerated eight-week format. Intended to introduce current and aspiring law enforcement professionals to the principles of this discipline, courses go over:

  • The scientific and social foundations of evidence-based policing and reform
  • Practices and approaches for effective policing and reforming the current criminal justice system from within
  • The history of police use in the United States
  • Collaborative strategies for law enforcement and communities to improve public safety
  • Existing criminal justice system challenges and where professionals can foster change

Review all courses for the online Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Policing and Reform.

Why Study Evidence-Based Policing and Reform?

Police remain a fixture in communities across the country. With the start of the 21st century, more and more municipalities began rethinking the role of law enforcement in curbing crime and protecting citizens. Evidence-based policing and reform have grown out of this movement and turned into a pillar of effective, collaborative community relations.

As a discipline...

evidence-based policing and reform involve conducting research to assess law enforcement policies, field practices, and training programs and develop broader measures to:

  • Ensure law enforcement’s presence controls rather than increases crime
  • Enhance safety for all citizens through more strategic policing and collaborative leadership
  • Evaluate crime prevention tactics to determine if and how they harm communities
  • Address ongoing criminal justice challenges by encouraging change from within
  • Better allocate resources and funds to economically manage crime

Toward these goals...

the online Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Policing and Reform:

  • Highlights the importance of this growing discipline
  • Introduces evaluation tools for assessing programs
  • Explores strategies and research-based methods for improving police policies and programs
  • Discusses approaches for supporting and developing police-community relationships
  • Touches on law enforcement practices for technology use in the field

Better Serve Your Community With the Ole Miss Online Certificate in Evidence-Based Policing and Reform

Tackle existing challenges while reforming law enforcement at multiple levels with the Ole Miss graduate certificate program. To learn more, reach out to Megan Black (meblack@olemiss.edu) if you have questions or would like to schedule a meeting.