• Increase your market-ability.
  • Learn and lead in your community.
  • Build your brand.

Online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in General Business

What do you seek to accomplish? At this point, you’re looking ahead to two goals. One, you seek to complete your bachelor’s degree, and two, you’re interested in making an impact in the business world.

The University of Mississippi’s fully online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in General Business powers you forward. Reach both milestones through a comprehensive curriculum exploring functional business areas to launch you toward a broad spectrum of career paths — entrepreneurship to finance to marketing and management. This versatility enhances your understanding of how all organizations work in today’s globalized society, complementing your existing knowledge and helping you break into or advance in the business world.

Ole Miss gears this bachelor’s degree completion program toward individuals with about 60 transferable credits, including adults returning to school, students transferring from a two-year college, or individuals who have not been enrolled at Ole Miss for at least one academic year.

What to Expect

We want you to reach your full potential. You’re already there—and the online Bachelor’s in General Business helps you jump toward the next stage.

Creating a bridge toward your educational and professional goals, the online BBA in General Business:

  • Delivers quality instruction on par with our on-campus courses
  • Is open to students transferring at least 60 credit hours of prerequisite coursework from another institution or previously earned at Ole Miss
  • Starts three times per year (Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters)
  • Offers rolling admissions
  • Has a flexible, 100% online format designed to help working professionals expand their skills
  • Focuses on essential skills for succeeding in the business world, including marketing, finance, management, entrepreneurship, and information systems
  • Requires you to complete 20 courses (60 credit hours) at Ole Miss to earn your bachelor’s degree

Once you enroll, all previously earned coursework will be evaluated to determine how it will apply toward your degree. Learn more about eligibility requirements, and see how your credits may transfer.

Why Earn an Online Bachelor’s Degree in General Business?

You’ve completed a few years of college courses spanning general education to select business subjects. As you picture your future, you see yourself leading teams, influencing decisions, and shaping campaigns and growth strategies.

The Online BBA in General Business meets your drive through a multidisciplinary curriculum intended to maximize your proficiency across all functional business areas. This approach:

  • Presents a more comprehensive, diverse perspective that highlights the essentials of all business areas and how they work together
  • Allows you to develop an academic plan reflecting your interests and career goals
  • Emphasizes the importance of problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity leadership, and decision-making
  • Equips you to enter and excel in a more globalized, fast-paced business landscape
  • Supplies you with the tools to confidently face and develop solutions to complex challenges
  • Gives you the skills to make more informed decisions and improve operational practices


The online Bachelor’s in General Business empowers your success through a multidisciplinary curriculum introducing you to all functional disciplines that help organizations operate and grow. You’ll explore theories and applications of management, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, information systems, accounting, economics, information technology, and supply chain management and get ready for key business tool certifications. The typical online BBA student earns 60 credit hours at Ole Miss.

Review the full curriculum and all requirements for the online Bachelor’s in General Business.


With the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting seven-percent growth across all business and finance occupations by 2031, an online Bachelor’s in General Business equips you to take advantage of the number of opportunities anticipated.

In terms of specific career paths, this program not only supplies you with an invaluable credential but positions you for various roles requiring a more diverse set of skills, including business management, development, and healthcare. The broad knowledge base further angles you to launch or grow your own business.

Admission Requirements

As the online BBA in General Business is for students who have attended some college, you’ll need to complete your application and send your transcripts to Ole Miss for evaluation. Review all application requirements to get started.

Learn More About the Online Bachelor’s in General Business

Build your record of accomplishments in a flexible, virtual environment devoted to your personal, educational, and career growth. For more information about the online BBA in General Business, contact program coordinator James Flanders at general_business@go.olemiss.edu to set up an appointment to talk more about our program, your interests and needs, and your future