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Online Ed.D. in Higher Education

Make an impact with direction that uplifts everyone — from educators to students. Redefine what it means to be a leader to strengthen your organization from within, and learn to introduce research-supported initiatives that encourage growth and a love of learning. 

The University of Mississippi’s fully online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Higher Education helps you drive transformation through a mix of flexible coursework and a dissertation in practice (DiP). The program helps you develop a mindset focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion as you aim to establish new standards within your role.

The University of Mississippi’s School of Education is a member of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED), a consortium of over 80 colleges and universities with the mission of advancing the role of the doctorate degree in education.

Tailored to mid- and upper-career administrators driven toward institutional improvement, this practitioner program helps enhance your communication, research, assessment, evaluation, and research skills with the goal of shaping tomorrow’s degree offerings, campus culture, and support services.

Nationally Ranked

Our online Ed.D. in Higher Ed has been ranked 20th in EdD programs by EdDPrograms.com

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What to Expect

  • Equity, Ethics, and Social Justice
    Develop solutions that empower all professionals and students and create a sense of belonging. Our program has an emphasis on communication, assessment, evaluation, leadership, and equity.
  • Encourage Change
    Become a scholar-practitioner who addresses problems and enacts change through a combination of theory, research, and practical skills. 
  • Carnegie Project
    80 Colleges and universities, including the University of Mississippi, make up the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED), an organization dedicated to advancing the role of the doctorate degree in education.


Advance your knowledge with 48 semester hours of post-master’s coursework and a Dissertation in Practice (DiP). The School of Education structures the program to be completed in three years on a part-time basis. Even with the online format, you must be enrolled for six semester hours for eight consecutive semesters to fulfill all course requirements. As you progress through your classes, you’re encouraged to commit toward your DiP early on, conducting research and structuring assessments or program evaluations to prepare for your eventual defense.

Build off your existing background through courses introducing you to or expanding what you know about:

  • the purpose of higher education within schools and society;
  • using statistics in higher education, including for conceptual, computational, technical, and research applications;
  • how cultural factors and trends affect the educational process, organization, and outcomes;
  • assessment, research, data, and evaluation methods for planning and implementing programs;
  • qualitative and quantitative research skills to plan, implement, and improve educational programs;
  • leadership theories rooted in organizational, policy, and public administration concepts; and 
  • how an understanding of social and behavioral sciences and the humanities can enrich your leadership perspective. 

Review all courses and structure for the online Ed.D. in Higher Education.

Hone your experience in a specialized content area as you apply the assessment and evaluation principles you recently learned. Your data then forms the foundation for a self-authored leadership plan centering around improving equity and accountability in a college, university, or nonprofit organization.

Along the way, you’ll collaborate with campus or organizational leaders to refine your ideas and revise your paper to prepare for your defense.


With its practitioner focus, the School of Education angles the online Ed.D. in Higher Education toward mid- and senior-level administrators in a community college, four-year university, or education-based organization. You’re someone interested in elevating your skills to prepare for a more senior role involving research and data-driven analysis to introduce or overhaul programs and create a more inclusive campus culture.

See the impact of our alumni in the School of Education’s Hall of Fame and Practitioners of Distinction Awards.

Reflecting demand, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified 8-percent growth for postsecondary education administrators between 2020 and 2030

We’re Here For You

To learn more about requirements and expectations for the online Ed.D. in Higher Education, reach out to:

Macey Edmondson
Assistant Professor of Higher Education
maceye@olemiss.edu 662-915-6819