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Master’s Degrees | Higher Education

Online Master of Arts in Higher Education

Professionals in higher education working at a variety of types of colleges and universities play important roles in supporting the success of the students and institutions they serve.

These higher education professionals can be found in academic affairs, alumni affairs and development, athletics, enrollment management, financial affairs, and student affairs. They help plan and present programs and services, foster a sense of community, promote student success and degree attainment, support student organizations, management essential functions, and provide leadership at the departmental, divisional, and institutional level.

To cultivate and nurture tomorrow’s leaders in higher education, the University of Mississippi introduced the fully online Master of Arts in Higher Education program. This program is designed for (1) people working in higher education looking to advance their careers or (2) for professionals from other fields looking to move into higher education.

About the Online Master’s in Higher Education Program

Our program is ideal if:

  • You are interested in supporting access, attainment, and affordability in higher education for a diverse array of students.
  • You want to encourage accountability and innovation in college and university curricular and co-curricular programs and services.
  • You are committed to equity and social justice as important principles in higher education.
  • You are interested in advancing your career in higher education or moving into higher education from another field.

The online Master of Arts in Higher Education is a 30-credit program designed to help you work toward these objectives in the higher education field. Combining theory and practice, the program helps prepare you to:

  • Recognize the ways in which colleges and universities are organized and governed
  • Manage the essential resources of people, funds, facilities, and data
  • Become familiar with higher education history and law
  • Develop, present, and assess programs and services within higher education institutions
  • Understand the ways in which students develop and learn during college
  • Identify and analyze techniques for supporting an institution’s mission while connecting with students, their families, colleagues, and broader communities, including professional communities
  • Foster a sense of professional identity, ethics, engagement, and development

Online Master’s in Higher Education Curriculum

Student may be admitted to the program in either the Fall or Spring term. The program is designed for students to take two courses per term for five semesters, but there are other options for students requiring more scheduling flexibility.

The online Master’s in Higher Education program helps students use theory and skills to support the success of students and institutions. In addition to the broad higher education focus of the program, students may also select an emphasis on intercollegiate athletics in their coursework.

Along with progressing through all courses, students are required to complete a capstone portfolio project in their final semester. The capstone project is a reflective exercise to showcase integration of knowledge and skills learned during the program and to demonstrate preparedness for professional advancement.

In preparation to excel in your future career, the program:

  • Explores the history and development of higher education, with greater emphasis placed on its cultural origins and events shaping its development;
  • Introduces research methods related to psychological and educational development, key for elevating and building bonds with an institution’s students and fostering their success;
  • Enriches your skill set by emphasizing change management and the importance of persuasion, power, and political awareness;
  • Provides a detailed perspective of the individual and distinctive structures of community colleges, four-year colleges, and universities;
  • Discusses specific and unique legal and resource management issues;
  • Stresses the importance of cooperation, communication, and teamwork among administrative staff and in serving the needs of enrolled students;
  • Identifies and examines the identity, choices, and characteristics of college students;
  • Equips you with the skills to develop, introduce, and evaluate school-wide programs, including research, assessment, and data analysis methods.

Careers in Higher Education

The University of Mississippi's Master’s in Higher Education degree not only supports your aspirations and broadens your skill set but further prepares you to inspire and lead in several post-secondary administrative positions, including roles in:

  • Financial aid
  • Student affairs
  • Residence life
  • Institutional fundraising
  • Admissions
  • Campus recreation
  • Career services
  • Athletic administration
  • Advising
  • Leadership development
  • Academic administration 

Based on figures from the Bureau of Labor Statisticsdemand for post-secondary administrators is predicted to remain steady between 2019 and 2029. Graduates from the University of Mississippi's program go on to rewarding careers at local Mississippi colleges, major Southern universities, and institutions all over the country looking for dedicated, innovative, and influential professionals.

Help lead the change in higher education

Shape colleges and universities in ways that support the success of students, institutions, our nation, and the world with a degree from the online Master of Arts in Higher Education program at the University of Mississippi. For additional information, please contact Dr. George McClellan at 662-915-4995 or gsmcclel@olemiss.edu.