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Online Certificate in Intercollegiate Athletics Academic Success

The University of Mississippi’s online Certificate in Intercollegiate Athletics Academic Success positions you to empower student athletes and help them tackle challenges unique to their situation. This four-course, entirely online course of study held in an accelerated format highlights the skills essential for starting a career in athletic academic advising and support. In the process, you’ll not only benefit from the University of Mississippi’s legacy in championing student athletics, but you’ll become thoroughly familiar with the National Collegiate Athletics Association’s (NCAA’s) academic reform measures.

Think about the typical student athlete. They’ve trained for years to get where they are, yet their future could take several shapes—from going professional in their sport, training and coaching aspiring athletes, or another path for which a bachelor’s degree is required. At the college or university level, these individuals juggle multiple responsibilities—practices and training, a season of games, academics, and oftentimes conditions for a scholarship. Among these many factors, an athletic advisor, counselor, or mentor guides their progress—both toward current academic and athletic demands and exploring all the possibilities for their future.

About the Online Certificate in Intercollegiate Athletics Academic Success

Whether you were a student athlete yourself, you’re in a position where you advise and mentor diverse college and university populations, or you’re searching for a career where you can get involved with college or university athletics, the online Certificate in Intercollegiate Athletics Academic Success serves to specialize your skills to assist students, understand their complex needs, and introduce the elements of student-athlete academic eligibility.

Through this lens, the program:

  • Exposes you to how NCAA academic reforms shape the structure and direction of advising student athletes and covers key eligibility rules and issues often experienced at the Division I level
  • Is taught by Ole Miss athletic directors, who weave their real-world insights into the coursework
  • Introduces you to the structure and processes of NCAA governance, including for college and university athletic departments
  • Touches on ethical and other current issues present in the athletic academic advising field
  • Requires all students to acquire and demonstrate an understanding of the NCAA’s Academic Reform and Academic Performance Program (APP), including strategies and intervention methods for achieving related benchmarks


The online Certificate in Intercollegiate Athletics Academic Success requires 12 credit hours of coursework. An accelerated structure allows for a degree of flexibility: students can complete all requirements in as few as a semester or within two years.

Courses cover such role- and environment-specific topics as:

  • The founding and formation of the NCAA, its governance and processes, and its role in college and university athletics
  • The responsibilities and purpose of athletic academic advising and current career paths
  • Initial-eligibility and progress-toward-degree rules for student athletes, including how to prepare these individuals for the modern workforce, their defining characteristics, and specific scenarios you may encounter on the job
  • The NCAA APP and the standards for and differences between Federal Graduate Data, Graduation Success Rate, and Academic Performance Rates
  • NCAA APP-rooted techniques for developing academic improvement plans

Review the structure and all required courses for the online Certificate in Intercollegiate Athletics Academic Success.

Prepare to Support and Advise Student Athletes Through the Ole Miss Online Certificate Program

Learn more about this student demographic to help them plot out their futures and meet all current athletic and academic demands. For more information about the online Certificate in Intercollegiate Athletics Academic Success, reach out to Megan Black (meblack@olemiss.edu) if you have questions or would like to schedule a meeting.