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Master’s | Dietary Supplements & Medical Cannabis

Online Master of Science in Dietary Supplements and Medical Cannabis

The University of Mississippi proudly introduces its Master of Science in Dietary Supplements and Medical Cannabis, a pioneering program that offers a holistic exploration of two rapidly evolving industries, providing comprehensive knowledge from the ground to the consumer. This SACSCOC accredited program delves into the intricate facets of dietary supplements and medical cannabis, covering their rich history, legislative frameworks, and research and development.

Overseen by the School of Pharmacy, this 30-credit-hour fully online program builds on the University's more than half-century legacy of studying cannabis and dietary supplements. It presents a well-rounded curriculum, dedicating equal time to both disciplines. Whether you aspire to influence government regulations, advance research, lead product innovation, or excel in the dietary supplement or medical cannabis sectors, this program equips you with a multidisciplinary foundation for a successful career.

Why Earn a Master’s in Dietary Supplements and Medical Cannabis at Ole Miss?

The Ole Miss program stands on decades of scientific research and education, particularly from the School of Pharmacy and National Center for Natural Products Research and more recently, the National Center for Cannabis Research and Education.

  • For over 50 years, Ole Miss has pushed the boundaries of scientific and medical knowledge surrounding cannabis and related compounds like THC and CBD. The University receives contracts from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to cultivate marijuana and related materials. Prior to this, Ole Miss supplied the Drug Enforcement Administration with contaminant-free cannabis and extracts meeting strict FDA standards for clinical research purposes.
  • The National Center for Natural Products Research collaborates with many sectors to explore natural products that can be used to improve human health and agriculture as crops, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and agrochemicals. The Center’s research and development efforts focus on dietary supplements, crops, and pharmaceuticals.
  • The National Center for Cannabis Research and Education explores the plant’s health effects to encourage new studies, influence policymaking and outreach efforts, and develop education programs. Insights help advance treatments for serious diseases, influence cannabis-related drug developments, and allow health professionals to create more informed and balanced patient care plans.

In addition to meeting industry and state demands for professionals knowledgeable about both medical cannabis and dietary supplements, the program:

  • Is open to current industry professionals looking to expand their knowledge base and advance their careers
  • Equips professionals in both the dietary supplement and cannabis fields to understand research, policy, and products 
  • Explores the scientific foundation of dietary supplements and cannabis along with their related uses
  • Provides insights into the historical context of both dietary supplements and cannabis as complementary and alternative medicine
  • Trains professionals to contribute to research, product design, and development in both industries, while considering safety, quality assurance, and public health concerns
  • Covers federal and state laws and regulations for both dietary supplements and cannabis, including aspects related to good manufacturing practices, labeling, and marketing
  • Delves into pharmacology, phytochemistry, and plant genetics


The Master’s in Dietary Supplements and Medical Cannabis nurtures two types of career paths:

  1. The structure supports existing cannabis or dietary supplement professionals considering a leadership, research, or policy role.
  2. The coursework helps researchers and industry workers better understand these burgeoning industries and their growing influence on health and wellness.

On a broader scale, the dietary supplement industry is booming, and the wider adoption of cannabis legalization continues to expand and diversify nationwide employment opportunities, including here in Mississippi. Possessing this knowledge gives you an edge for embarking on a career in:

  • Government agencies related to consumer products
  • Cannabis-regulating state agencies
  • Cannabis- and dietary supplement-related research and development
  • The dietary supplement industry
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • Healthcare policy

Pioneer the Possibilities of Medical Cannabis and Dietary Supplements

Carve out your place in two in-demand industries to advance policy, patient care, research, or product design. To learn more about the MS in Dietary Supplements and Medical Cannabis program, email Dr. David Colby dacolby@olemiss.edu.

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