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Online Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program

The University of Mississippi’s 100% online Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree prepares you to seek teacher certification, instructs you in the latest pedagogical and curriculum preparation methods, and provides a flexible format that helps aspiring teachers all over the state accomplish their next goal.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) online program is an alternate-route teacher certification program. Program participants are eligible to obtain a 3-year provisional Mississippi Educator License (which certifies them to teach grades 7-12 in Mississippi) after completing the first three courses.

About the Online Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Ole Miss designed the online Master of Arts in Teaching program to be completed in two years on a part-time basis. The structure and content are geared toward current undergraduates or recent bachelor’s holders aspiring toward a teaching career or professionals looking to switch paths from an industry role to the classroom. The flexible format is ideal for individuals living in the state who can’t commute to our Oxford campus.

The holistic online Master of Arts in Teaching program blends the latest classroom theories with practical experiences and emphasizes the pedagogical knowledge essential for secondary instruction in your area of content expertise. This online degree further reflects the School of Education’s long-held mission: to graduate transformative teachers who promote learning for all students, regardless of age, ability, or background, across the state’s schools.

You will start during the summer semester, taking two initial coursework subjects that set the tone for the rest of the rigorous program. Completing the first three courses qualifies you to earn a three-year provisional Mississippi Educator License, which certifies you to teach grades 7-12. Then, you’ll take two courses per semester and will additionally gain classroom experience through an internship. 

After completing the 11-course program, your preliminary credential converts to a five-year AA Mississippi Educator License in math, English, science, or social studies. Depending upon your goals and the Mississippi Department of Education’s policies, you’ll also have the option to pursue certification in other subjects following graduation.

Meet an online MAT graduate

We're an excellent program when it comes to teaching. Why would you not go to a school that is known for making excellent teachers?

Carolyn Ward

Online Master of Arts in Teaching Curriculum

The online MAT degree is structured in two parts. Initial coursework provides a foundation introducing the essential skills to effectively instruct 7-12 learners and apply for your provisional license. The remainder of the coursework nurtures your passion for teaching while presenting more advanced skills for designing curriculum and creating a more inclusive learning environment where diverse students can excel.

All courses align with InTASC Core Teaching Standards and Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices.

Disclaimer: The MAT program at the University of Mississippi meets the educational requirements for licensure in the state of Mississippi. The program has not determined if the program curriculum meets the educational requirements for state licensure or certification in the states, territories, or entities outside of Mississippi. Reciprocity of a Mississippi teaching license is determined by individual states and entities.

Through all 11 courses, you’ll build out your knowledge to support students in your classroom and make an impact within your school community.

  • Gain a stronger understanding of research-based classroom practices that encourage student achievement and positive attitudes toward learning,
  • Build key classroom leadership, curriculum development, and assessment skills, discovering the tools to introduce meaningful learning activities and relate lessons to students’ personal interests,
  • Observe the necessary accommodations for exceptional, diverse, and at-risk students in the general education classroom,
  • Learn to connect technology with classroom subjects to enhance lessons and improve learning outcomes, and
  • Uncover innovative approaches for integrating literacy into subject-related content for all grade levels.
  • Become familiar with state and national content standards for developing lesson plans and nurturing diverse learners,
  • Discuss community characteristics that influence instruction and learning outcomes and examine student diversity in a spectrum of settings,
  • Explore key educational and psychological issues in school settings,
  • Uncover innovative approaches for integrating literacy into subject-related content for all grade levels,
  • Refine the leadership skills to not only direct the classroom but advocate for your pupils and sustain a compassionate school culture that elevates student and staff achievement, and
  • Learn about the latest advancements in school structure, assessment, technology, curriculum and material development, and education best practices.

Review the full online MAT curriculum, including all syllabus descriptions for objectives and goals.

Careers with a Master of Arts in Teaching

Today’s classroom has veered away from repetitive learning. The classroom is also a place designed to foster learning among all student populations and nourish everyone’s curiosity. It’s a space designed to expand students’ worldview and encourage personal connection with the material, all with the goal of sparking an interest in a subject area and helping them establish a career path.

Teachers direct this journey, assisting students through exploration, introducing innovative ways to experience the curriculum beyond books and technology, and shepherding their development onto the next grade, into higher education, and their eventual entrance into the workforce.

With this evolution, teachers for the 7-12 classroom remain in demand across the country. Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, districts will need 4% more middle and high school teachers between 2019 and 2029 to empower and guide the next generation of learners.

Prepare to Influence Through the Ole Miss Online Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Transform your skill set for the classroom, and learn to instruct for success through the Ole Miss online Master of Arts in Teaching program. Contact our program coordinator Joe Sweeney by phone 662-915-2616, by email jsweeney@ olemiss.edu, or submit your question for detailed program and application support. 

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