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Online Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Every industry needs strong leaders. These individuals don’t simply give orders. They have a clear vision, understand how functional business areas drive that vision forward, and communicate while motivating their staff toward this goal. Today’s leaders move with and adapt to the rapid evolution of technology and the increasingly global marketplace while innovating like entrepreneurs to not only stay ahead but inspire others in the process.

The University of Mississippi designed the online Master of Business Administration (MBA) for professionals like yourself. You not only aspire to leadership but to a role where you make an impact and guide your organization, no matter the industry, to success.

About the Ole Miss online MBA program

The online MBA serves as an extension of an ever-changing and forward-looking mission. Geared toward professionals with at least two years of relevant work experience, this broad-based program builds upon what you already learned during your undergraduate degree and in the workforce and benefits professionals across a spectrum of career paths and industries.

The University of Mississippi’s School of Business Administration opened its doors in 1917 and granted its first MBA degree in 1946. We strive to teach more than business concepts and theories—for over a century, we have inspired students, business, and community leaders and routinely revise our curricula to reflect the marketplace’s demands and expectations. Professionals emerge from our school with a strong work ethic and desire to collaborate and lead and go out into the region and beyond to apply their knowledge and elevate the local business community.

  • The Ole Miss online MBA curriculum mirrors its on-campus counterpart, allowing students to hone their leadership, creativity, communication, analytical, decision-making, and critical-thinking skills while gaining a greater understanding of functional business concepts.
  • All classes are taught by our world-renowned faculty members, who strive to create a challenging, competitive curriculum and inclusive, engaging environment where communication between students and instructors is highly encouraged.
  • As an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)–accredited institution, the School of Business Administration takes our mission to the next level: For years, our MBA graduates have brought their desire and drive to the state of Mississippi and the surrounding region, and the online MBA presents professionals located anywhere in the world with a similar opportunity to advance their career and fulfill their leadership potential.

Our Rankings

Today, multiple rankings speak to our instructors’ determination and our program’s quality and outcomes:

Online MBA Program Format

Flexibility is at the heart of the 36-hour online MBA. Courses consist of pre-recorded lectures you’ll view at your own pace. Factoring the variability and sometimes unpredictability of your career:

Complete the online MBA in as few as two years

Take two courses per semester for four semesters and two summer sessions.

Learn as you go

Enroll in as few as one course per semester to finish the online MBA on your timeline.

Online MBA Curriculum

We want you to achieve your full potential, be it a managerial or leadership role or an advanced position where you can make a difference. Many of our students begin as accomplished professionals seeking to distinguish themselves further or elevate their expertise and industry-specific knowledge with a deep understanding of leadership, organizational, and managerial theories.

During the program, you’ll prepare to move forward in your field through a curriculum emphasizing financial and managerial accounting, organizational behavior theory, supply chain management, and finance and marketing in the context of growing a business. You’ll also demonstrate real-world application of your knowledge through a capstone project, in which you’ll identify a problem, develop strategies, and present your resolution.

Review the full curriculum and all course descriptions

Helping you realize your career goals while enriching your skill set.

The curriculum for the Ole Miss online MBA is built upon refining:

...equipping you with the knowledge and tools to collaborate with and influence others.

...supplying you with a foundation to develop plans pulling from all functional business areas and driving results.

...to unlock your visionary nature while preparing you to evaluate markets, establish growth-related goals, and think creatively.

...to influence, empower, and direct others, not only to improve organizational outcomes but to convey core values.

...to inspire and uplift your team through projects and toward big-picture goals.

Careers with an MBA

An MBA degree represents the next stage of your career and equips you with a credential to remain competitive in today's job market.

Business professionals with aspirations frequently encounter a similar roadblock: you’ve advanced through entry-level and specialist roles and maybe into a mid-level managerial position. Leadership feels close, but it’s still out of your grasp. You have the experience and ideas, but the job posting calls for more education.

An MBA proves to bridge the gap and start you on a new path in:

  • securities, commodities, and financial services
  • logistics and transportation
  • finance
  • market research
  • accounting
  • human resources
  • general and operations management.

An MBA degree represents the next stage of your career and equips you with a credential to remain competitive in today’s job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more and more entry-level roles require a master’s degree, while particularly in the field of business, professionals with this distinction experience a wage premium compared to individuals with a bachelor’s degree.

The BLS further predicts that, between 2019 and 2029, demand for management professionals like yourself will rise 5%. Opening up roughly 500,000 new positions will be the emergence of new organizations and the expansion of established companies.

Are You Ready to Earn an Online MBA with Value?

Fulfill your ambition and enhance your already-exceptional background with an online MBA degree from Ole Miss.

Contact Ashley McGee, Director of MBA Administration at amcgee@bus.olemiss.edu  or use the following links before taking the next step.

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