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Master’s Degrees | Public Health

Online Master of Public Health

Health might appear as doctor’s visits, medical treatments, and lifestyle changes. Yet, patterns exist on a larger, more dynamic scale, reflecting environment, populations, and socioeconomic factors. As someone interested in a career in the public health field, you’re aware of these relationships and seek to study them to develop programs and empower communities.

The University of Mississippi’s online Master of Public Health (MPH) program speaks to your compassionate and curious nature. Advance your skills in preparation for a leadership role where you’ll develop, launch, and monitor initiatives meant to promote population health, champion future policies, or examine broader patterns and trends.

All courses use an accelerated eight-week format: Students study at their own pace, with the potential to finish the program in 18 months.

About the Online MPH Program

You contemplate your impact on the world. You seek a role serving and uplifting others, and the online MPH will help you meet this goal.

This course of study strengthens your existing background of analytical skills and understanding of human behavior and environmental factors to develop policies benefiting community health on a wider scale. You’ll delve into topics in statistics, health policy, epidemiology, and health program planning. This skill set prepares you to direct research, nurture communities through more supportive policies and programming, and helps you grow as a leader.

Our program structure:

  • Equips you to collaborate with and fight on behalf of diverse populations
  • Prepares you to promote and defend public health at local, national, and global levels
  • Expands your knowledge of infectious and chronic diseases, environmental health, human behavior, maternal and child health, health equity, and nutrition
  • Illuminates challenges specific to urban and global health, including systemic disparities, healthcare access, human rights, income inequality, and other socioeconomic factors
  • Lets you customize your degree to data-driven research and analysis or policy and program development efforts
  • Positions you to uplift vulnerable communities through more targeted, evidence-based policies and programming

Online Master of Public Health Curriculum

The online Master of Public Health requires a minimum of 42 credits. This amount includes a core sequence (15 credits), at least one concentration (nine credits), a practicum experience (six credits), and electives. Nourish your desire to analyze and encourage community health through:

Review all required courses and descriptions for the online MPH, and understand how the program may be structured.

All candidates elevate their background in health policy, research, and administration through courses covering:

  • Public health systems, policy, current issues, decision-making tactics, and interventions
  • Health promotion assessments and intervention strategies for identifying health issues and developing programming
  • Communication in the health professions
  • Public health research and data analysis methods rooted in biostatistics
  • Epidemiology, including in relation to health and disease progression, demographics, distribution, and patterns

Let your inquisitiveness lead you to areas outside of public health—or toward earning a second concentration.

Envision your role in serving and inspiring others. The practicum experience places you in a government, private sector, non-profit, industrial, or university setting for a chance to apply your recently acquired knowledge. Set your pace by completing the practicum in 1-6 credit increments while you finish coursework.

Focus your degree toward at least one of the following areas:

Community Health

Prepare to conceive and orchestrate campaigns and programming aimed at specific communities or in response to health trends. You’ll advance what you know about public health theory and health equity. At the same time, you’ll improve how you organize, plan, and evaluate programs and conduct interventions. Learn more about the Community Health concentration.


You’re considering a career tracking population health trends. This sequence hones your research skills, growing your understanding of distribution, etiology, health conditions, infectious and chronic diseases, and epidemiology applications. Learn more about the Epidemiology concentration.


MPH Career Growth

Your desire to make a difference can take multiple pathways, many with a growing number of positions predicted over the next decade: Health education specialists and community health workers — estimated to see 12% greater demand — oversee programming to promote wellness and health to a wider swath of individuals. Epidemiologists — expected to see 26% more roles — conduct the research and population trend analysis that forms the basis for these initiatives.

MPH Graduate Career Outcomes

Graduates of the Ole Miss Online MPH program go on to positions in:

  • Academics and research
  • Health and policy institutions
  • Local and state health departments
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Healthcare settings
  • Private sector businesses focused on population health

Learn More About the Online MPH Program

Enrich public health through data or policy development. To learn more about the online MPH, contact Graduate Enrollment Manager Megan Black at meblack@olemiss.edu to set up an appointment to talk more about the program, your interests and needs, and your future.