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Online General Business Enrollment Prerequisites

Students must have 60-hours of credit to enroll, which include: the University of Mississippi General Education requirements (35 hours), lower-level business courses (12 hours), and additional General Electives (15 hours).

General Education Requirements

Listed in the table below are the general education courses that the School of Business requires for the B.B.A. in General Business. This B.B.A. required curriculum includes all university core courses. AP, CLEP, and IB credit can be used toward fulfilling these requirements.

Requirement Hours
First Year Composition 6
Science 6-8*
Mathematics 6
Social Sciences 6
Humanities 3
Humanities or Fine & Performing Arts 3
Fine & Performing Arts 3

First Year Composition
The requirement consists of 6 hours of first year composition. The standard composition sequence consists of (1) either Writ 100 or Writ 101 or Hon 101 and (2) either Writ 102 or Liberal Arts (Liba) 102 or Hon 102.

Courses may be chosen from astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, Liba 205, 205L, 150, 151, 315, 315L and physics. Each course must be a minimum of 3 credit hours. Both of the courses taken must include laboratories.
*Labs can or may add additional credit hours to your requirements (up to 2 hours).

The general business major requirement is a 3-hour mathematics course at the 100 level or above (excluding Math 245 and Math 246), and an additional 3 hour mathematics course at the 100-level or above (excluding Math 245 and Math 246) or business statistics course Bus/Econ 230 or Bus/Econ 302.

Social Science
Students pursuing a B.B.A. will fulfill the social science requirement by taking Econ 202 and Econ 203.

The course may be chosen from any classical civilization (Clc); history (Hst); philosophy (Phil); religion (Rel); or one of the following specific courses: environmental studies (Envs 101); Liba 202, 312; African American studies (AAS 201, 202); gender studies (G St 201, 202); literature (Eng 103, 220-226); Southern studies at the 100 level only (S St), or Hon 101, 102 (if not being used to fulfill composition requirements).

Fine or Performing Arts
The course may be chosen from art history, music, dance, and theatre arts. Studio and workshop courses cannot be used to satisfy this requirement. Courses that satisfy this requirement are any Art History (AH); Liba 130, 204, 314; Mus 101, 102, 103, 104, 105; Danc 200; Thea 201, 202. Students who have completed 30 semester hours of undergraduate course work may fulfill the requirement with a 300- or 400-level art history course.

Lower-Level Business Requirements

Listed in the table below are the lower-level business courses that the School of Business requires for the B.B.A. in General Business.

Requirement Hours
Accounting 1. Accy 201 (complete with a passing grade) 3
Accounting 2. Accy 202 (complete with a passing grade) 3
Legal Environment of Business. Bus 250 (complete with a passing grade) 3
Business Communication. Bus 271 (complete with a passing grade) 3
Micro-Economics. Econ 202 (complete with a C-minimum) 3*
Macro-Economics. Econ 203 (complete with a passing grade) 3*

*Also used to fulfill the Social Sciences General Education requirement.

Check Your Transfer Credits

Preview how your completed courses will transfer by visiting the University of Mississippi's transfer course equivalencies page and searching by course name or by institution. If you don't see your school or course listed, don't worry. This simply means your selections have not yet been articulated, but this might change once you submit your application.

We encourage any interested students to reach out directly to our program coordinator to find out more about the credit evaluation process and ask admissions questions. Reach out to (662) 915-2894 or to find out more.

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