Certificate in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration

Program Information

The Intercollegiate Athletic Administration (IAA) Graduate Certificate is a fully online program that includes four courses totaling 12 hours of graduate-level course work. Courses are offered in accelerated terms so that learners may complete the certificate in as little as one semester or as long as two years. The IAA certificate program is designed for individuals that are seeking an advanced understanding of intercollegiate athletics administration. Students will develop current knowledge of the NCAA as an organization and an awareness of potential career paths in the intercollegiate athletics industry. The program is tailored to enhance professional competencies in NCAA governance, internal operations, external operations, and leadership skills with emphases in collegiate athletics organizations. All certificate courses are instructed by athletic directors.

Key Benefits

Certificate Objectives

The primary objectives of the Graduate Certificate in Intercollegiate Athletics options are to: 

  1. Develop current knowledge of the NCAA as an organization and awareness of potential career paths in the intercollegiate athletics industry 
  2. Identify and explore the multifaceted roles intercollegiate athletics plays as part of the mission of higher education at a variety of institution types and the different levels of NCAA athletics 
  3. Gain advanced knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to flourish in specialized areas within intercollegiate athletics departments. 

Application Materials

Candidates interested in the IAA certificate should complete an Application for Graduate Admission. Additional supplemental application materials may also be required.


The current tuition cost for one graduate semester hour is $504 + $75 fee for online programs. Each 3-hr course is $1,737 ($1,512 in tuition + $225 online fee). The total estimated cost of the certificate is $6,948, not including technology requirements, application fee, and capital improvement fees. This estimate is based on the most recent Fall and Spring tuition and fee information and is subject to change.


Contact Graduate Enrollment Manager Megan Black at meblack@olemiss.edu to set up an appointment to talk more about the program, your interests and needs, and your future.