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Intercollegiate Athletic Administration (IAA) Graduate Certificate

Intercollegiate athletics shape the culture of college campuses, sparking excitement around game days. This excitement and attitude spread to the surrounding community when fans show up to cheer in support. For student-athletes, these opportunities present a two-fold benefit: a structured and rewarding pathway to earning their college degrees and a springboard to their future careers.

The University of Mississippi’s Intercollegiate Athletic Administration (IAA) Graduate Certificate highlights the structure, operations, governance, and leadership behind intercollegiate athletics and builds off of our legacy as a Southeastern Conference institution.

About the IAA Certificate Program

Overseen by the School of Applied Sciences, the IAA Graduate Certificate introduces you to the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA’s) administrative side, from internal and external operations to marketing and communication to the role of college sports on campus and in the community. This course program is ideal for tailoring your skill set to the industry or helping you gain foundational training for a potential career in intercollegiate athletic administration.

Our IAA program:

  • Is taught by athletic directors and encompasses presentations and virtual guest speakers.
  • Provides a complex look at intercollegiate athletic administration.
  • Advances your knowledge of the NCAA as an organization and its different levels.
  • Exposes you to the multiple positions and related competencies in the intercollegiate athletics industry
  • Sheds light on governance, operations, and leadership in collegiate athletics
  • Focuses on current challenges facing the intercollegiate athletics industry
  • Explores the importance of athletics on college campuses, including a range of institution types and strategies for assisting students and improving operations
  • Strengthens your critical thinking and written communication skills while emphasizing real-world research applications

IAA Certificate Program Curriculum

The online IAA Graduate Certificate requires 12 credits of courses involving asynchronous discussions and writing and research assignments. Courses elevate your professional skills for a greater understanding of the NCAA as an organization and in preparation for a career in intercollegiate sports.

You will:

  • Receive a thorough overview of the NCAA as an organization, from its history to its current structure, processes, issues, and governance
  • Learn about the internal operations of collegiate sports organizations, including leadership and management to personnel, policies, and decision-making
  • Better understand the influence of external factors on organizational functions
  • Be exposed to common leadership styles and management techniques used in intercollegiate athletics

Review all required courses for the online IAA Graduate Certificate.

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Learn More About the Intercollegiate Athletic Administration Certificate Program

Thinking about specializing your knowledge in the world of college sports? Before you apply to the IAA certificate program, contact Graduate Enrollment Manager Megan Black at meblack@olemiss.edu to set up an appointment to talk more about the program, your interests and needs, and your future.

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