Sport Business

Coursework will prepare professionals with strong practical skills in analytics, focusing on measurement and statistical modeling and big data analytics in sport. The program combines academic, practical, and research‐based skills to allow students to develop their knowledge of sport business analytics.

All students in the Sport Business emphasis must complete the following degree requirements. All classes are 8 weeks in duration and offered completely online. The program consists of 30 credit hours and is comprised of 21 credit hours of core coursework and 9 credit hours of emphasis area coursework. The 30-credit-hour curriculum is designed to be completed in 12 months. Part‐time progression is an option; however, all learners will be encouraged to complete the degree within 2 years of enrollment.

Core Classes:

All students are required to take the following courses for a total of 21 credit hours:

  1. SA 511 — Applied Statistics
  2. SA 601 — Measurement and Evaluation in Sport
  3. SA 602 — Predictive Analytics in Sport
  4. SA 603 — Big Data Analytics and Data Management
  5. SA 604 — Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods
  6. SA 605 — Communication and Data Visualization in Sport
  7. SA 693 — Degree Culmination: Sport Analytics Capstone

Sport Business Emphasis Classes

The Sport Business emphasis consists of an additional 9 hours of credit comprised of the following 3 courses:

  1. SA 611 — Sport Business
  2. SA 612 — Sport Economic Analytics
  3. SA 613 — Machine Learning in Sport

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