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Online M.S. in Sport Analytics, Sport Performance Emphasis

Performance shapes many aspects of a sports team’s season. Doing well on the field or court can translate to increased fan engagement and attendance, and injuries can remove key players from the lineup, impacting the number of points scored and how frequently viewers tune in.

From an outside perspective, this network can feel arbitrary and variable, with many external factors coming into play. The sports industry examines these sources to better predict individual and team performance, design more effective strength and conditioning programs, and monitor injury recovery.

The University of Mississippi’s online Master of Science in Sport Analytics with a Sport Performance emphasis equips you with the skills to use diverse structured and unstructured sources to draw insights and chart how professional and collegiate teams train and how these outcomes can influence a season.

You’ll start with an intensive core covering data analytics basics for measuring, evaluating, and interpreting data. You’ll then take three emphasis courses that highlight the power of data in improving and tracking human performance for athletic organizations.

All courses are structured around an eight-week accelerated format. Ole Miss Online offers rolling admission with five (5) academic start dates per year.

Why Earn a Master’s Degree in Sport Performance?

Given the domino effect of injuries and other performance issues, the sports industry has started honing in on training programs and injury prevention. Efforts now start at pre-collegiate levels and extend through how professional teams prepare for the season ahead.

Technology, particularly acquiring, analyzing, and drawing insights from disparate data, has started to refine and customize strength and conditioning efforts. A more thorough picture of a player’s performance can help prime them for recruitment and predict how well they’ll do in meeting team objectives.

The Sport Performance emphasis promotes data analytics as both a predictive tool and factor in reducing injury rates for collegiate and professional entities. As organizations attempt to make team performance less arbitrary, sport performance analytics help with:

  • Designing stronger education and training programs
  • Improving assessments for player and team performance
  • Monitoring teams holistically and improving performance through training and strategy
  • Scouting and recruiting athletes at college and professional levels
  • Tracking and improving injury recovery


Coursework will prepare professionals with strong practical skills in analytics, focusing on measurement and statistical modeling and big data analytics in sport. The program combines academic, practical, and research‐based skills to allow students to develop their knowledge of sport performance analytics.

The 30-credit-hour curriculum is designed to be completed in 12 months, though students also have the option to complete a part-time course progression and are encouraged to complete the degree within two years of enrollment. The online M.S. in Sport Analytics uses a two-part format.

Review all courses required for the Sport Performance emphasis

Core courses connect you with essential data analytics competencies. You’ll explore descriptive and inferential statistics, measurement and evaluation tools, predictive analysis, R and other languages, data mining, machine learning, and quantitative and qualitative research design methods.

Then, six credit hours of emphasis courses angle this skill set toward sports performance applications, including in exercise science and assessment contexts. You’ll learn about:

  • Strength and conditioning practices, theories, techniques, and programming
  • Sport physiology and related data-powered monitoring systems
  • Methods for injury prevention in sports and evidence-based risk prevention strategies

Prepare to Empower Athletes and Teams Through Data with a Master’s in Sport Performance

Guide player and team performance with an online Master’s in Sports Analytics with a Sport Performance emphasis from Ole Miss. For questions about the program, contact Graduate Enrollment Manager Megan Black at to set up an appointment to talk more about the program, your interests and needs, and your future.

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